New England Leak Sealing

From hairline concrete cracks to gushing leaks, virtually any defect can be sealed with the Alchatek series of polyurethane resins, optimized for leak seal applications.
Polyurethane leak sealing solutions

Polyurethane Crack Injection & Curtain Grouting Explained

Leaking concrete structures can be permanently repaired with concrete crack injection & curtain wall procedures using water-activated polyurethane foam. Pressure injection of these liquid polyurethane resins forces the material into leaking cracks or behind leaking walls depending on the application. After the polyurethane injection is complete, the polyurethane resin rapidly reacts with water to form a watertight seal.

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Solve your problem for a fraction of the cost it would be to replace or rebuild.
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The process is simple enough for one technician to come and apply the polyurethane formula.
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Our polyurethane foam is strong enough to hold virtually any structure and will last!

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